GIANTS is an oral storytelling performance project created and performed by Alice Fernbank (Scotland) and Svend-Erik Engh (Denmark). It includes live performances with musicians, and storytelling workshops for adults and children.

We are two very tall storytellers on a quest to find out what it is to be gigantic through the myths and legends that tell stories of giants. Our performance is a collection of Celtic and Nordic myths and folktales, performed with musicians who are local to every performance.

Our first performance took place at Tradfest, at The Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh on 30th April 2017 where we  performed with musician Nicky Haire.





We performed both the adult and the children’s version of GIANTS at Taproot Festival on the Isle of Lismore from 14th to 17th September 2017. We also led a GIANTS workshop for the children of the island.



We are now developing the show further and will travel with it to festivals and schools around Scotland and beyond. We are currently piloting a children’s version of the performance  in Edinburgh schools.

We host post-performance Storytelling Workshops which explore what it is to be different in the world, to take up space, and be a giant. Giant stories are used to explore issues of being outcast, and different from others, and work towards developing compassion, empathy, and self empowerment.

We are working with International Storyteller Jan Blake who is our mentor as we craft the piece. We will also be working with Scottish folk musician Mairi Campbell, with whom we’ll explore and expand the musical potential of the piece.


A storytelling and English language learning experience

In January 2018 we launched GIANTS International at Hvalsoe Skole in Denmark. Visit our GIANTS website for more details.

This is a specially adapted storytelling performance of GIANTS, delivered in English with attention given to the language learning needs of our audience. We offer a creative storytelling workshop with each performance, designed for children who are learning English as a second language. It will give them the opportunity to experience English through a collection of traditional Celtic and Nordic stories.

The stories are performed in English so the children can enjoy stories whilst learning the language.

The post performance workshop provides an opportunity for students to put the English they have heard into practice. They’ll learn new vocabulary, phrases, and idiomatic expressions, and there’ll be plenty of opportunity to practise speaking, reading and listening to English. The workshop includes a range of lively storytelling activities specifically adapted to help children develop their language skills and have a lot of fun telling stories and creating drama.

For more information please email  and view our website