Storytelling in Schools

 Alice is passionate about the use of stories as a creative and fun way of teaching young people about the world, giving them the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences through oral storytelling, drama, song, reading, writing, and drawing.

Oral storytelling in particular inspires children to engage with literacy, and view it from a refreshingly new perspective.

Sherlock Holmes Workshops, Italy.
Sherlock Holmes Workshops, Italy.

Alice can tailor a storytelling session to suit any curriculum topic which teachers wish to focus on.

Popular themes for primary schools include:

Ancient Egyptians

The Romans

The Celts

Ancient Greeks

The Vikings


Internet safety

Caring for the planet

Healthy Eating

Alice also specialises in storytelling workshops for English language learners. To find out more view her page on EFL Storytelling.

NB. Alice is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is very happy to make long journeys for storytelling sessions. Travel expenses will be added to the fee for work outside Edinburgh.

Alice holds current PVG, and DBS certificates. She is also listed with The Scottish Directory of  Storytellers .

If you’re interested in a  storytelling workshop, please get in touch with Alice via the contact page or email

Sherlock Holmes workshops, Italy.
Sherlock Holmes workshops, Italy.


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