About the Storyteller

Photograph by Claire Grogan Photography
Photograph by Claire Grogan Photography

I tell old stories. Folktales myths and legends from all over the world which connect us to the lives we have led and the lives we are leading. Passed on for centuries, they hold the wisdom of the ages.

I tell new stories. Spontaneous tales. Woven in the moment, plucked from the immediate present and shaped according to what needs to be shared in that space, at that time with those people. These are stories to delight, to heal, to connect us to the present.


 I came to storytelling through my career as an actress in the theatre. A fellow actor invited me to tell tales at a storytelling event she was hosting and after rising to the challenge with roaring success, I was invited back to tell again. This inspired creative collaborations with other storytellers. I became part of a small group who were telling tales together and hosting storytelling events.

The more stories I told, the more I came to understand their value. I immersed myself in the old folktales, myths and legends; I listened and learnt from some of the great contemporary masters of oral storytelling; I told stories wherever I could and I began to experiment with different styles and forms of telling. Storytelling has now become my passion and my profession.

In 2015 I moved to Edinburgh where a warm  community of storytellers and artists welcomed me. Here I’ve made storytelling performances, run workshops, coached storytellers, and used storytelling in teaching. I’ve found audiences of all age groups who love to hear stories and learn about storytelling. I now lead workshops in schools and universities. I also specialise in storytelling for language learners and teachers, and  I offer one-to-one storytelling coaching for individuals.

Throughout the last year I have been working in collaboration with Danish storyteller Svend Erik Engh. Together we’ve created the multi faceted storytelling project GIANTS which we perform and nationally and internationally.

Storytelling has brought me closer to myself, and to our collective human experience. Stories tell me about the world and everything in it. Stories shape the world as we move forward. But most importantly for me, stories can bring immense joy, and I hope above all my work brings you some of that.

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