Characterisation through Story and Song


In May and June 2017 I began working with storytellers and singers who were searching for new ways to embody character voices in stories and songs. I led a 2 part workshop at The Scottish Storytelling Centre where we explored a range of physical theatre skills which can be applied to oral storytelling and folk song.

I worked with a courageous group of storytellers and singers, who each found a greater joy in their craft through working with the body.

4 comments on “Characterisation through Story and Song

  1. Hi Alice – thank you so much for today – I absolutely loved it! I can see myself sometime in the future being able to relax more into storytelling, but I realize I need lots more involvement with other storytellers. Kate Walker lives local to me and is mentoring me a bit. I have also met Sylvia Troon and she was really encouraging. I heard you mention things the ‘apprentices’ did – how do I get more involved? Once again, thanks for all the prep and hard work you must have put into today, and I look forward to your next workshop. Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy browsing your site! All the very best Anita Peggie – ( the outwardly colourful but inwardly stiff one)!!!

      • Hi Linda,
        It was great to have you at the workshop.
        With any luck The Storytelling Centre will be interested in programming the course again so you’ll be able to participate in a part 2.
        Thanks for passing on the details about the Apprenticeship Programme.
        I’m sure I’ll see you around the Storytelling Centre.
        All the best,


    • Thanks Anita, It’s great to hear you got so much from the workshop. It was a real pleasure to work with you. Looks like Linda has pointed you in the right direction with regard to the storyteller’s apprenticeship programme. It’s a great way to connect with other storytellers and gather ideas and inspiration. You may also be interested to link up with Burgh Bletherers, a group who meet once a month to share stories and talk about storytelling.
      I look forward to seeing you for part 2 of ‘Characterisation through Story and Song’, and feel free to contact me in the meantime if you have any questions about preparing for session 2.
      All the best, Alice

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