The Golden Fly


The Golden Fly performed at Edinburgh Fringe in August 2021 at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.


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The Golden Fly is an epic tale of a shapeshifting Goddess in search of her truth. Transformed by sorcery into a golden fly, Celtic goddess Ethaun is condemned to wander the worlds until her heart changes. She meets kings and queens, jugglers and fools as her desire for something more carries her across crashing oceans into kingdoms unknown.

Storyteller Alice Fernbank and musician Graham Dickson lead you on this wondrous storytelling voyage.



 ‘This show is amazing! It has everything a fairytale should have and more. Alice and Graham manage to take us on a journey to a far off land and you don’t really want to leave it! The music is brilliant and the storytelling is marvelous. I recommend anyone who has the possibility to go and see them!’ Hilda Fransson (Sweden)

‘The Golden Fly is a story which isn’t just a told story, it is a story where the audience dives into the story and can imagine what is told. The lovely music supports the story and helps to get an imagine of what is told even more. The beautiful story and the music transfers the audience into another world, where the room becomes the world of the told story. A unique Show I really enjoyed and will dream of a long time.’ Frauke Meyer (Germany)

‘Breathtaking story telling, enhanced by perfectly synchronised magical flute accompaniment. Wonderful weaving of an ancient Celtic tale totally transports you as the story is so very skilfully delivered. Very rare treat! Not to be missed!‘ Ganga Campbell

‘Completely engrossing journey to another time and place in the company of two highly accomplished performers.’ Petra Reid

‘Alice and Graham transport the listener to a wonderful mythical world. The storytelling is superb, and the accompanying flute enhances the magic. Well done guys. We loved the show.’ Maureen Morris

‘Who knew you could be taken on so many adventures by a fly?! ‘The golden fly’ is a magical journey into forgotten landscapes and distant realms and yet resonates with everything it is to be human today. It was such a delight to watch and listen to Alice and Graham. This is a compelling show, go and see it!’ Anne Hunter

‘I would highly recommend this show. A beautifully told story, with a skillful blend of music and spoken word. I was captivated throughout, and the story is still resonating, with its many striking images, and twists and turns. The performers have a strong rapport with each other, and the whole piece is beautifully crafted.’ Beverley Casebow

‘This is a beautiful performance- Alice and Graham marry storytelling and music perfectly, creating a performance that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the hour’s up! A wonderful story told fantastically, about finding a place in the world, about love, friendship, magic and Gods. And Graham’s wonderful flute playing brings the story into the room, with buzzing and blowing and juggling all appearing in the music. Don’t miss it!’ Neil Sutcliffe

‘A wonderful epic, superbly told by Alice with clever underscoring on flute by Graham. I hung on every cleverly crafted word. Alice’s presence and physicality as well as her smooth and captivating voice had me enthralled. It’s funny, heart-warming and action packed in equal measure. I highly recommend seeing this piece if you can!’ Joanne Marr