Storytelling and Language Learning

NEWS:  ‘Storytelling in the Language Classroom’ workshop led by Alice is now a two part course. The next workshop takes place in September.

Part 1 is 2pm on 22nd September; Part 2 is 2pm on 29th September.

Contact The Scottish Storytelling Centre to book your place on 0131 556 9579.

Storytelling is a powerful means through which to teach a language. Exploring stories and developing storytelling skills, enables language learners to build greater confidence in their English. They develop fluency, expand their vocabulary, enhance their grammar, improve their reading, writing and listening skills, and develop their pronunciation. Storytelling activates the imaginations of language learners and it encourages creative thinking in the classroom.

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Alice is a CELTA qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She has been working creatively with language students since 2010, using stories as a basis for language development. She has taught in Italy and at a number of UK language schools and has worked with students from over 40 different countries, with abilities ranging from beginner to proficiency.

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Storytelling works with all age groups. Alice has a wealth of experience using stories with both adult and young learners of English.  Her combination of skills, both in the art of language learning, and the art of storytelling, provide a unique opportunity for learners of English.

In February 2017 Alice led a new workshop at The Scottish Storytelling Centre for language teachers entitled ‘Storytelling in the Language Classroom’.

Language teachers tell the story of Hansel and Gretel in 5 frozen pictures. Storytelling in the Language Classroom workshop Feb 2017.

‘Alice is an engaging and dynamic storyteller who really captures the imagination of our international students.  I would recommend her fabulous workshops to all!’  Janet Galbraith, Principal at CES (Centre for English Studies), Edinburgh.

‘Alice’s storytelling was the highlight of our trip to the UK’  Francesco Bartoli, Turin, Italy. 2016

‘Alice is a fantastic storyteller’ Giulia Camozzi, Santarcangelo, Italy. 2016

‘We had the best time with Alice storytelling’ Johanna Koeck, Vienna, Austria. 2015

‘Alice has designed and taught a programme for a closed group of Dutch secondary school teachers in which she taught them how to integrate storytelling into their Content and Language Integrated Lessons. They were thoroughly impressed with Alice’s lessons and left excellent feedback which is likely to lead to repeat business for our school.’ Megan Blakemore, Commercial Manager, Regent School of English, Edinburgh. 2016

For further information, or to discuss a booking, please contact Alice via the contact page, or email