Storytelling and Language Learning

When a story is told well, a language learner with even the most basic skills can understand it.  The sharing of stories builds greater confidence in language fluency; expanding vocabulary, enhancing  grammar, improving reading, writing and listening skills, and developing pronunciation. Storytelling activates the imagination and taps into the essence of our humanity which in turn activates creative thinking and results in a highly energised language learning experience.

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Alice is a storyteller and a CELTA qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She has been working creatively with language students since 2010, using stories as a means for language development. She has led workshops for learners and teachers in Italy, Spain and Denmark, and has taught at a number of UK language schools.   She coaches private English language students online and in person. Alice has worked with both adults and children from over 40 different countries, with abilities ranging from beginner to proficiency.

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Recent Storytelling and Language Projects

January 2018 Alice and storyteller Svend-Erik Engh took their performance project GIANTS to Hvalsoe Skole in Denmark, where they performed a specially adapted version of the show for young English language learners. They led a post performance workshop where students got to use new words and phrases whilst re-creating a story.

“Dear Giants, Alice and Svend!
Thank you so much for your storytelling and performance. Everybody enjoyed the wonderful legends, and the workshop gave our pupils a great opportunity to learn English and to gain confidence in their ability to understand and speak English. The pupils love your pronunciation, Alice, you have become a role model! The teachers will benefit from your visit too, as we got new inspiration for our teaching.”                       Astrid Ougaard, Hvalsoe Skole, Denmark.

Alice leads ‘Storytelling in the Language Classroom’ workshops at various times throughout the year, where educators can come and learn techniques for using stories to teach languages.

Language teachers tell the story of Hansel and Gretel in 5 frozen pictures. Storytelling in the Language Classroom workshop Feb 2017.

‘Alice is an engaging and dynamic storyteller who really captures the imagination of our international students.  I would recommend her fabulous workshops to all!’  Janet Galbraith, Principal at CES (Centre for English Studies), Edinburgh.

‘Alice’s storytelling was the highlight of our trip to the UK’  Francesco Bartoli, Turin, Italy. 2016

‘Alice is a fantastic storyteller’ Giulia Camozzi, Santarcangelo, Italy. 2016

‘We had the best time with Alice storytelling’ Johanna Koeck, Vienna, Austria. 2015

‘Alice has designed and taught a programme for a closed group of Dutch secondary school teachers in which she taught them how to integrate storytelling into their Content and Language Integrated Lessons. They were thoroughly impressed with Alice’s lessons and left excellent feedback which is likely to lead to repeat business for our school.’ Megan Blakemore, Commercial Manager, Regent School of English, Edinburgh. 2016

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