From 2012-2014, Alice was resident storyteller at LATES LIVE in SOHO where she repeatedly dazzled audiences with her epic stories inspired by myth, magic, legend and good old real life. Visceral, honest, often hilarious and always captivating; Alice is an effortlessly engaging performer who can inspire and mesmerise audiences both young and old with her mastery of the age old tradition of storytelling. 

Lewis Barfoot. Curator and Host of LATES LIVE


LATES Facebook Page


Alice is an engaging and dynamic storyteller who really captures the imagination of our international students.  I would recommend her fabulous workshops to all!  

Janet Galbraith, Principal at CES (Centre for English Studies), Edinburgh.


Alice has collaborated with English Break developing and delivering creative workshops in Italian schools since 2010. Not only is she a dynamic and engaging facilitator, but she is highly skilled in crafting educational programmes that combine storytelling and drama with language learning. The two most memorable projects she developed were ‘The Legends of King Arthur’ and ‘Shakepeare Soup’. Alice in collaboration with myself, created a wide variety of bespoke workshops for schools, that enable children to explore English legends and literature through storytelling and theatre. The children always have a fantastic time working with Alice. She brings a unique and magical energy to her workshops and the children get to become actors, artists, writers and storytellers for a few hours, so they truly engage with their own creativity.

Monica Marchini

Company Director at English Break



I have followed Alice’s storytelling journey since the early days and have always enjoyed watching her unique characterisations and her presence and delivery on stage. I recently commissioned her to tell stories during a Bangladeshi cultural evening at the Barbican Centre in London. On the night of the event Alice delivered a thrilling, highly engaging performance. Audience members praised the seven animated characters she played in such a short time frame, whilst bringing in cultural nuances which made them feel immersed in the narrative. Many visitors later said they left “believing the stories were real”. The stories Alice delivered were in fact long forgotten fictitious village folk tales, but this is a testament to what a storyteller does best; makes the audience believe there is an unbroken linkage with the past and present. 

Saif Osmani

Visual Artist, and Curator of ‘Bang Bang Bangladesh’.


 Alice tells stories from the heart, spontaneous worlds that she weaves lightly and wisely to reveal gifts that nourish all who hear.
Henry McGrath.
Actor, Performance artist, and Associate lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University


Alice’s gift for storytelling enables the listener to be whisked away into vibrant worlds. We find ourselves tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing, hearing and experiencing life in all its anarchic, vibrant and glorious uniqueness before being safely returned with a warm, shamanic afterglow. Truly enriching.
Ellis Kerkhoven
Actor. Writer. Director.

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